About Me

"Let The Beauty You Love Be What You Do"

I love this quote and strive everyday to be true to it's meaning.  The "Beauty" I love is life and the relationships we build along the way.  Sometimes the most beautiful moments surprise us or are a simply part of our everyday life.  I was completely surprised by my love for my husband as it came at a painful time and developed super fast.  However, here we are 28 years later and I continue to find beauty in our relationship everyday!  I find beauty in my day to day family life.  I loved when my dad would sit with my children to "watch the grass grow!" (And they LOVED doing that!)  I loved when my mom would tell my children  "Sweet Dreams" when they would sleep over her house and make popcorn dripping with butter!  And I am brought to tears when my grown children come home and find so much joy in looking at photographs and watching our family videos of our "everyday" life when they were little. Who knew that "secret videos" of them dancing to High School Musical or singing cowboy songs would be so funny?  (OK, I did!) As a photographer, I strive to capture the simple everyday beauty of families, children and seniors in a style that you will want to hang on your wall or place in a priceless photo album.  Photographs that will become family treasures!

"The Beauty I Love Is What I Do!"