Traditions...Love in motion!

I love learning about family traditions that hold so many special memories and link us to our heritage.  This photo shoot was all about the tradition of handing down a beautifully crocheted dress.  This spunky spirit was only too happy to wear a dress that was made with love by her great, great grandmother!  To think that this dress was originally made for her mother to wear when she was only a little girl herself!  Her mother patiently waited for the day she had a daughter of her own to dress up in this treasure.  That first opportunity came a few years ago for Jilliana’s older sister and of course they took photographs to document the occasion.  Her mom was only too thrilled to have another opportunity to bring out the priceless dress and today was Jilliana’s turn!  How beautiful that a dress can connect so many generations and even carry love into the future!  Her mom shared with me that Jilliana’s great grandmother has since made another duplicate dress so that both sisters can carry on this tradition.  This occasion took me back 19 years and reminded me that my girls too were able to wear a special dress that connected them to their grandmother.  I had so much fun taking photos of this adorable girl and capturing not only the charming dress but her spirit and joyfulness!  I would love to help you document your beautiful, fun and unique traditions and carry the love from your past into your future!

Jeanette Baysinger