Family Documentary Photography

Our Ordinary Life is More Than Enough!

To me, family documentary photography is beautiful, daring and most of all real!  When I look at my personal family photographs, it is the ordinary moments that take my breath away.  Sure we can clean up nicely and smile for a photo and I have several that I love.  However that is not the image that my heart holds on to and replays a million times.  The photographs I long for are the real ones.  The ones that are hilarious, messy, unexpected, tender, wild and yes, sometimes even heartbreaking.

Up until a few years ago,, I didn’t even know that this type of family photography existed! But now that I know it does…it is definitely what I prefer to to shoot! 

I think we all want to remember life as it is!  To me that is perfection.  Our ordinary life is more than enough.  It is uniquely us and does not need to be anything different.  To be able to capture our families in their natural environment is truly priceless.  There is no need to get flustered when your kids argue or get mad at you or when your house gets messy and toys are everywhere.  Is that not part of having kids?  Kids have stuff and life gets messy!  I would not want it any other way! I always feel very privileged when a family invites me into their family for 2 hours -12 hours.  I know it is personal and precious and I shoot to capture exactly that!  Think of it as Family Storytelling Photography!  Your story is worth telling and remembering just as it is!

The Bartell family is beyond precious!  I was honored to spend 12 hours with them.  Take a peak at a Day in Their Life…

Jeanette Baysinger