Your senior year in high school is full of so many different emotions. On one hand you are so close to embarking on your future as an individual where you get to make decisions that fit you and to experience life as you see it. On the other hand, you are about to leave behind a precious time with family and friends and level of comfort that you have become accustomed to. I have found that I love working with seniors and finding ways to express their individuality through photos. Their photo session is for them and their parents. At the same time seniors are experiencing all of the crazy emotions of leaving high school, their parents are experiencing their own crazy emotion set of having their child move on to life as a young adult after high school. I have started making slide shows for my seniors from their senior sessions that they can download. I find a certain beauty in seeing so many of their senior photos put together in this way. It is a celebration for the senior and their parents! Below is Shelby’s slide show. In it, you can see her beauty, kindness, thoughtfulness and playfulness. Enjoy!

Jeanette Baysinger