jbaysinger photography

Let The Beauty You Love Be What You Do


Hello! My name is Jeanette Baysinger and I live in southern Colorado. I have spent many years in education absolutely loving supporting children and families. I continue my love of working with families and children with my photography. It allows me to share my personal perspective about how precious and beautiful families are in every aspect of their life. I treasure making pictures that tell the stories of our life and can truly make our hearts sing over and over again!

Other things I love:

  • The beauty of everyday life

  • Watching the grass grow

  • Popcorn dripping with butter

  • Re-visiting old photos and videos with my family

  • Laughing with children and “watching” how they think about things

  • Experiencing new places and re-visiting old favorites

  • Growing older (but staying young!) with my husband

  • Watching my children figure out life and watching how their personalities when they were little help them develop into pretty cool adults

  • Making pictures for others so that they can always remember just how beautiful life is!

  • Watching movies that make me cry or laugh, but not scream!

  • Kindness, random or intentional- it is all good!